Zoom on Big Data Technologies at The Conference in Toronto 2018

The 3rd Big Data Toronto annual conference/trade-show is coming up in 2018 on June 12th-13th, so please keep those days free so that you can attend.

Indeed, there is a lot to look forward to and there is something for everyone whether you are a first time participant with little knowledge about big data or you are an experienced hand in this ecosystem.

What are Big Data technologies?

big-data technologies conference

Look for the future with big data technologies

Today, the creation of data is happening at an ever-increasing pace. In the year 2010, the entire world is believed to have generated more than 1 Zettabyte of data, which is equal to 1 thousand trillion bytes or 1 billion terabytes with this expected to have grown to 2.7 Zettabytes within a short period of two years in 2012. Moreover, this trend is expected to continue to grow over the years.

Consequently, this has led to the growing need for big data technologies, which refers to a new crop of technologies including architectures designed in such a way as to allow organizations efficiently get value inherent in their exceedingly large volumes of data. Furthermore, there are basically two classes of big data technologies, and this includes analytical and operational technologies.

What is the program of the big data conference in Toronto?

If you are attending the 2018 Big Data annual conference in Toronto, then you will have the opportunity of partaking in the latest trends and innovations when it comes to big data technologies. Moreover, this conference will also present you with the opportunity of networking with others (innovators, exhibitors and speakers) on issues about data management and how this affects you and your business.

Furthermore, there are practical sessions that will present you with real-life applications of big data technologies. Therefore, be ready to be informed, educated and engaged at this conference and trade show. Moreover, as you may already know there will be opportunities to visit the stands of businesses or organizations to find out more about them and what next they are up to.

How to attend the conference?

The venue for the 2018 Big Data annual conference is at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre North Building, Toronto, Canada (255 Front St W Toronto ON M5V 2W6 Canada Toronto, Canada). Now to be part of this conference all you have to do is to register online and then provide all the necessary details for your registration to be complete.

In addition to this, you should plan to get the best out of this conference by reading through the entire agenda and selecting the sessions that are most relevant to you without missing any of them. Also, be present for the whole conference not leaving early or arriving late and so missing a lot of relevant information.

Furthermore, be active by asking questions or making comments and if you can’t do this, then take note of key contributions and questions for further research. Lastly, get recordings of the sessions if available to aid your learning and for future reference. So, I look forward to meeting you at this conference.