Feedback on the Connected + Conference and Interviews of Experts

The Connected + Conference is a three-day conference and expo where some of the most renowned technology brands and companies examine the future of connected hardware, the internet and 3D printing.

This year’s Connected + Conference featured intelligent speakers who offered their expert analysis concerning the future and their role in technology advancements.


The speakers always have interesting things to say.

Len Diplock Interview

Len Diplock is the VP of corporate development at Direct Energy Services, a company that supplies electricity and gas to residential homes in North America. I asked Len what was the role of Direct Energy in the smart home space. He told me that apart from being an energy solutions provider, Direct Energy has new innovations and products for the connected home. He informs me of their introduction of the disaggregated power bill in Texas: it shows the user the appliances that consume the most energy in their home. He also points out how they have established a distribution channel and installer of smart gadgets in Canada.

I also asked him about the challenges and opportunities that are presented by the smart home in the energy sector. He states that the energy sector is under a period of disruption where consumers are more engaged in how they consume energy and even produce energy. He points out that the smart home technologies are playing a critical role in enabling this engagement

Frederic Bastien Interview

Mnubo is a famous for providing big data and analytics to IoT (the Internet of Things) and M2M (Machine to Machine). I asked him if the big data is crucial in delivering a smart and connected home. He states that the connected home is the next frontier for big data. Consumers will spend time on the data generated from their connected home, and IoT analytics are vital in delivering a smart home. He also stated the need to have a visible example of how a smart home improves the life of the end user. He finally said that people are becoming more aware of IoT data analytics, and this will translate to better use of resources.

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