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9 Jun 2022

3 reasons to participate in the World AI Cannes Festival

In view of the meteoric rise of artificial intelligence, it is only logical that conferences should be devoted exclusively to it. This is the case of the World AI Cannes Festival, an unmissable event for individuals who are passionate about technology but also for professionals who are planning to implement perfectly accomplished digital tools. (more…)
18 Sep 2020

Jobs related to Big Data technology

Big Data is exactly what it says. In simple terms, in today's ever expanding world of digital technology, businesses are discovering that they are having to cope with an ever growing and increasingly complex amount of data sets, Big Data. (more…)
8 Oct 2018

Focus on Tech Law Fest Meeting 2018

In April 2018 Singapore Academy of Law organised yet another successful event with its Tech Law Fest meeting. Delegates from across the world gathered to hear about the latest developments in technologies relevant to all aspects of law and legal practice.


21 Oct 2015

The Data Marketing Conference & Exhibition

In November 2015, the very successful Data Marketing Conference and Exhibition took place once again. This year, the 2016 Data Conference and Exhibition promises to hold an even wider range of possibilities to network with leading and innovative providers, to learn from the best in the industry, and to interact with other professionals and use new technologies.


30 Jul 2015

Businesses: Training sessions for your companies

Consulting, auditing, and trainings are some of the key aspects of a company that demands much attention so as to improve performance. Quality trainings involve designing and conducting customized quality training programs for organizations as an approach to supporting consulting services. Quality auditing is a process consisting of an independent assessment of the organizational situation and compliance level to quality requirements.


21 May 2015

Zoom in on quality management in consulting firms

Are you wondering what missions consultancy firms undertake in terms of quality management like ? Would you like to know what role they play? To find out what activities these type of organizations really undertake, just read this article!