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In November 2015, the very successful Data Marketing Conference and Exhibition took place once again. This year, the 2016 Data Conference and Exhibition promises to hold an even wider range of possibilities to network with leading and innovative providers, to learn from the best in the industry, and to interact with other professionals and use new technologies.

What is the Data Marketing Conference & Exhibition?

The Data Marketing Conference & Exhibition provides an educational and interactive forum for professionals interested in enhancing their knowledge and expertise concerning marketing strategy, development, customer interaction and much more.

The event receives a great deal of sponsorship from key players in the fields of media, public relations, communications and technology.

What happened at the Data Marketing Conference in 2015?

In 2015, more than 80 speakers presented to a range of professionals who attended, from those involved in marketing and digital innovation, to education, human resources and operations. The attendees included members of some of the world’s leading companies. Numerous master-classes, learning streams and workshops were held, and there was plentiful opportunity to network and experiment hands-on with new and different products with over 20 product demonstrations.

The 2015 conference and exhibition received an immensely positive response with participants commenting on social media, in particular, about how much they took from the event. Many of those who attended stated that they gained a lot more knowledge about data marketing, improving the customer experience, harnessing customer data, as well as feeling more inspired about future marketing strategies.

And, from looking at what’s lined up for this year’s edition, I think that the 2016 conference and exhibition will lead to even more thought-provoking and enlightening experiences!

And if you want to know more about other conferences, read my last article about The Connected + Conference.

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