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Consulting, auditing, and trainings are some of the key aspects of a company that demands much attention so as to improve performance. Quality trainings involve designing and conducting customized quality training programs for organizations as an approach to supporting consulting services. Quality auditing is a process consisting of an independent assessment of the organizational situation and compliance level to quality requirements.

Non-compliance detected in the auditing process form the basis of corrective action plans. Engaging in quality training and emphasizing on quality improves the skills of most employees and thus, the general work output is improved.

How do trainings work and are they efficient?

Training is an important company practice as an approach to sharpening the skill level and knowledge of employees in their respective areas of work. Various companies organize their training in different ways. For instance, some companies organizes its trainings in two major ways that are; training for decision makers and training for actors. Trainings for decision makers involves group and individual trainings for management teams and their directors.


One to one or in groups, trainings are very efficient.

Training for actors is a collective training for employees of a company, which is specialised to nurture them into actors of improvement and change. Trainings are efficient because they play a very significant role in the overall progress and performance of organizations. For instance, trainings make employees independent as they develop their quality and compliance skills and knowledge.

Trainings identify the current and future prospected needs for competence, to critically design and implement necessary training plans as well as offering these specific trainings. As a result, trainings are efficient in the way that employee skill and competencies are improved, leading to better quality and standard work being produced than before. This improves the general company performance and productivity. Trainings are also important factors in career development.

Focus on: Piton GXP: how do they organize their trainings?

Piton GXP designs and conducts its customized quality training supported by consulting services. Piton GXP provides trainings that aim at making its partners independent as they develop their quality of work and compliance skills and knowledge.

Consulting services as part of training at Piton GXP is organized into three levels; bringing expertise and knowledge, identifying gaps between the desired and the current situation, and implementing an action plan. Training is also efficient to companies in which employees are provided with advice on their workplace behaviour for optimal quality and productivity.

Training can, therefore, be regarded a major approach to improving and developing employee knowledge and skills. The efficiency of training is manifested in improved quality of employee output as well as their performance level.

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