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The Paris E-Commerce fair and the SEO Camp in Nice Sophia-Antipolis, both renowned cross-channel events, bring together the elite of today’s Internet world.

During the fair, where debates and talks on the latest innovations were on the menu, I had the opportunity to meet and speak with the famous leading professionals of today’s digital world. SEO agency, e-retailer, exhibitor… great people to see and talk to!


More and more e-commerce sites are created every day.

What exactly is an e-commerce trade fair?

An e-commerce trade fair is where Internet retailers and professional traders can meet and exchange views. E-retailers have the opportunity to present their innovations and developments to customers. The best retailers attend to share and exchange information and ideas.

The days are divided between conferences and talks, exhibitions, workshops and even award ceremonies. The venue is usually divided into different zones so that the thousands of participants will be completely surrounded by e-marketing and the world of trade.

The E-Commerce PARIS

A not-to-be-missed event of e-commerce trade fairs. It is THE event for any professional e-retailer. It is so much more than just a simple fair. When I participated in the previous E-Commerce Paris on the 21-23 September 2015, the conferences were where I learnt the most about the latest trends of e-retail and SEO.

I had the leisure of browsing through all the different themes, from digital marketing to customer service, technology and even logistics. It was where I learnt about the latest trend of using smartphones as a tool for trade. Marketing techniques have also evolved with the arrival of e-commerce, especially with the use of social networks.

The fair presents awards for best innovations in 9 different categories: procurement, customer loyalty, experience, social commerce, multiscreen commerce, payment, technology, logistics and brand perception.

Take a look at the website for the fair here!

The SEO Camp in Nice Sophia-Antipolis

The main event for SEO experts, participants of the SEO Camp are able to learn about the latest advances in SEO technology. Representatives from major organisations attended the last session on 13 February 2015, where I was able to discover and learn to manage the different tools for SEO.

Thanks to the efficiency of the organising committee, each participant was able to partake in every conference and benefit from all the information about improving their SEO techniques. Internationally renowned speakers shared their strategies and tips about search engines and SEO techniques.

As everything is packed into a single day, participants usually get to know each other better during mealtimes or over a cup of coffee during breaks. Even if it is only just for a day, amateurs or people just starting out in the business have the opportunity to learn from real professionals.

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